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Hello and Welcome to our Website,

We began our operations in the year 1990 and our main specialization is in the development of tactical combat textile products and general accessories.

Over the years, as part of our activities, we have innovated and adapted products to the needs of the military, security and the civilian market alike.

We have accumulated extensive experience over the years in matching our products to  specific military operations.

Production of our special products is inspired and backed by years of experience in the field.

In addition to our ability to provide custom-designed solutions according to our client's needs and for specific operations, we have an off-the-shelf range of products for guns and other products that answer the needs of the military and civilian security organizations.

We are an Israeli company and all our products are manufactured in the country using local manpower under strict security standards.

Over and above the product lines and solutions displayed here, we specialize in the design and  development of specific tailor-made solutions for combat units.

Our products are sold to the different units of the Israeli security forces and to civilian clients in Israel.
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